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Sunday, February 20, 2005


I cannot say my creed in words.
How should I spell despair, amazement, anger, certainty, and unbelief?
What was the grammar of those sleepless nights?
Who the subject? What the object?
Of a friend who will not come...or does not come
And then creates his own eccentric, special dawn
A blinding light, that does not blind.

Why do I find you in the secret, wordless places where I hide from your eternal light?
I hate you... I love you...
I miss you... I wish that you would go...
And yet I know that long ago
you made a fairytale for me
about the day when you would take your sword
and battle through the thicket of the things I have become
Your kiss to life my sleeping beauty
waiting for her prince to come.
Then I will wake,
and look into your eyes,
and understand.
And for the first time...
I will not be dumb.
And I shall...
say my creed...
In words.

-creed, City Of Gold

Saturday, February 19, 2005

What is a Jagular?

I always thought that everyone knew what a jagular was. As it turns out, most people do, but just don't REMEMBER that they do. Having spent countless hours watching children's movies with my kids, I find myself knowing more about the little mermaid than law and order. But I don't think I would have it any other way.
When tigger bounced up the tree with roo and got stuck up there, he started shouting out, "Halloooooo!" to try to get some help getting down. At about the same time, pooh and piglet were walking by and heard him shouting.
"what was that?" asked piglet.
"a jagular," said pooh.
"what's a jagular?"
"well," said pooh, "jagulars climb trees and shout 'halloooooo' and when you look up.....they drop on you."
"I'm looking down, pooh."

oh yeah, says you, now i remember.

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