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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ok, so I haven't updated in a while.

Guess I have to start with the ol' I've been so busy lately. That's what you are supposed to write when you go six months without updating your blog.
Truth be told, I forgot I had started a blog.

So anyhow, in the last six months I did a whole lot of boring things. I also bought a car to restore and took up playing a musical instrument.

Meantime, this blog sat and gathered a lot of dust.
Oh well, whatever.

There's been some really good search terms that hit my blog.
A lot of people want to know what all is on a crashcart in the hospitals.
Second best is how to make real Texas barbeque.
And the number one most frequent search that finds my blog relates to vinegar, whether it gets your voice back, and how badly it makes you puke.

And of course, I was Jagular long before the new apple. Sorry, they'll have to change their name.
I was Jagular before Al Gore invented the internet.
I was Jagular back when we used to go phreaking and during the whole BBS thing back in the day.

We used to dial up at 1200 baud. For anyone who is less than about thirty years old, dial up modems nowdays go at 56k. 1200 baud would go at 1.2k.
Of course, with no internet, there was no ISP, so you had to call the person's computer directly. Each computer would have what would now be called a shared folder and you could upload/download to it. There were whole sites that were directories to other sites. When winzip came out, it was really cool because you could zip your files to send and then instead of taking three hours to load, it would only take two hours.
What would now be a denial of service attack was once done by "war dialing"
You set your computer to call their computer over and over and tie up the phone line.
But then when they invented caller ID you couldn't do that anymore, so you wrote a program to call random phone numbers until it found a pager. When the pager companies would issue phone numbers for their customers, they would buy them from the phone company in a block of consecutive numbers. So once you found a pager number, you made your computer call it, page the person to the guy's computer phone number, and then increment the phone number by one and repeat the whole process ten thousand times. So the result is that your computer pages ten thousand people to call the guy's phone number all at the same time. Oh yes, loads of fun.
We didn't have harddrives back then. Or at least not like the ones now.
We used to have little bitty drives, like 200mb at the largest.
We had several that were under 1mb.
When they first came out with HD's that were larger than a gig, they costed thousands of dollars and nobody could figure out why you would want one that big.
It would be like if you had a hard drive that came out with 10,000 gb of storage.
Who could use it? It would be good for bragging, but think how long it would take to search through.
And the RAM used to be measured in KB as well. There was no 512mb about it. The Commodore came out with 64kb RAM and that was big news.

And I was Jagular

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